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Which Heater Type Is Best For Your Application?

On a weekly basis we’re asked what size of heater is required for a particular size of room?

Easy answer – consider length, breadth and height of room and how many external walls and look up the ATC sizing guide.

However, while it’s not often volunteered we’ll always ask what is the application?  We ALWAYS ask what is the application because knowing what a room or area is to be used for is a crucial factor in securing the right option.

Many wouldn’t realise the importance of use, but it is important to note that ATC offer a solution rather than a heater in a box!

Why ask this question?  Well, at ATC we have different heaters for different applications;

Examples of some of these applications would be;

AirB&B / Student Accom – ATC Sun Ray RF Thermal Radiator because it has a run back mode setting with an anti-tamper lock ideal to keep running costs to a minimum.

Private Property, Holiday Home, Offices, Education – ATC Sun Ray RF Thermal Radiator, it has the option to connect to the ATC RF-GATEWAY and control your heating on the go from your phone.

Rental Property – ATC Lifestyle Thermal Radiator, fully functional controller with manual or program modes. Offering long life warranty.

If a client is budget-conscious an option such as the ATC Almeria Digital Panel Heater is our recommendationThis offers many features but is a panel heater over the above Aluminium Thermal Radiators.

ATC are always happy to provide product demonstrations to our clients which highlight features and benefits in person to ensure that the decision process is made easier for all parties. 

And, for all of our products we provide detailed information on our websites and on the products with a range of helpful tutorials in the video libraries of these sites also.

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