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Heating Design Service

At ATC we offer a comprehensive range of Heating Design Services, catering to clients working within the Commercial and Residential sectors to ensure that you’re securing the best heating solutions for your new build or renovation.


To ensure the most energy efficient and comfortable method of heating an area or space, it is important that a number of criteria are taken into consideration.

These include; room dimensions, glazed areas, insulation levels and heat levels in adjacent areas.

Our dedicated Heating Design Team provides a full heating design and heat loss calculation to determine the correct solution for your building.

Send your CAD drawing or simple sketches and dimensions to

From this drawing we will:

  • Calculate the area and volume of each space
  • Determine the amount of energy required to heat the area.
  • Confirm the type and amount of heaters that should be installed
  • Provide a Heating Consumption Cost Analysis showing approximate annual costs

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