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Tiger Eco High Speed Hand Dryer

Ultra Modern Design ~ Dries Hands In 15 Seconds ~ Optional HEPA Filter

Eco Tap System

Soap Dispenser ~ Auto Warm Water Tap ~ High Speed Hand Dryer

Dahlia Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

Automatic, No Touch Operation

Outdoor Heating Range

Instant Heat ~ Low Running Costs ~ Enjoy The Outdoors All Year Round

Pacific Unvented Water Heaters

Ideal For Hand Wash Stations ~ 5, 10 & 15 Litre Options ~ Energy Efficient

Some Of Our Client Projects

Danum House

atc Sun Ray WIFI Radiators

Lloyds Pharmacy

atc Lifestyle Thermal Electric Radiators

Eastham Library

atc Cheetah High Speed Hand Dryers

The Latest News From ATC

Which Heater Type Is Best For Your Application?

On a weekly basis we’re asked what size of heater is required for a particular size of room? Easy answer – consider length, breadth and height of room and how many external walls and look up the ATC sizing guide. However, while it’s not often volunteered we’ll...

Choosing An ATC Hand Dryer

In today’s post we’ve asked one of our Area Sales Managers to give us some feedback on what you need to know about when choosing a Hand Dryer. As an ATC Area Manager, we’re regularly asked to recommend / supply hand dryers for various applications and as we offer an...

A Little About ATC

As we’re all going through a period of change, we thought it a good time to re-introduce ourselves to those who know us and share a little more on ATC for those of you who aren’t quite as familiar with us. We’re an Irish owned company that was established in Dublin...



Learn more at WorldWaterDay.org

World Water Day - 22nd March 2020

World Water Day 2020 falls on 22nd March, every one of us has a role to play in conserving our water.

Some facts;

  • 650 million people can’t get access to clean water suppliers
  • 3.5million people die for the lack of clean water
  • Nitrate is the most common groundwater contaminant

At ATC we endeavour to play our part in looking after our environment every day and this World Water Day we’re asking you to CONSERVE our Clean Water.

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