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Tiger Eco High Speed Hand Dryer

Ultra Modern Design ~ Dries Hands In 15 Seconds ~ Optional HEPA Filter

Sunray RF Electric Thermal Radiator

Advanced Technology (Wireless or App) ~ The Cost Effective Solution ~ Low Surface Temperature Option

Dahlia Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

Automatic, No Touch Operation

School & University Refurbishment

Sanitiser Dispensers ~ Hand Dryers ~ Water Heaters ~ Heaters

The Latest News From ATC

MYTHBUSTER: Hand Dryers In Public Washrooms

There are a lot of misinformed comments and opinions in relation to the hygienic use of hand dryers in public washrooms. There are comments about the air from the hand dryer blowing germs and infectious particles around the washroom, as well as hand dryers are full of...

ATC Heading Into The Autumn

This time of year is for many, a new start - back to school or college, back to business or even back to a more normal routine as the nights draw in. Here at ATC this has been a very busy year so today as we head into the autumn we thought we'd include a quick review...

ATC Hand Dryers – Which One Do I Choose?

Over the last 10 rears the range of Hand Dryers that ATC carry have changed from a push button hand dryer to hand dryers with a swivel nozzle.  Calling to site to visit a contractor or a consultant to demo hand dryer was always tricky. I never had enough hands to...

Some Of Our Client Projects

Danum House

atc Sun Ray WIFI Radiators

Lloyds Pharmacy

atc Lifestyle Thermal Electric Radiators

Eastham Library

atc Cheetah High Speed Hand Dryers

Time To Throw In The Towel?

In our new normal the focus is quite righly on hygiene, at the same time we’ve all got to be mindful of costs too.

Find out why switching from Paper Towels to Energy Efficient Hand Dryers may well be the best investment for your business whilst at the same time being the environmentally-friendly option too.

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