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ATC offers a wide range of products to enhance Hospitality settings such as hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions.

We offer a range of electrical solutions in the following areas:

Keep customers happy with efficient, high speed hand dryers, drying hands in just 15 seconds. An eco-friendly, low-cost solution which eliminates paper towel mess. Explore the range.

Ensure hot water at all times with the ATC range of water heaters for bathroom and kitchen facilities. ATC water boilers offer boiling water facilities for staff in canteen areas. Explore the range.

Heat your premises comfortably with thermal electric radiators. Step it up a notch with the ATC Smart connected heaters, with app functionality to control heaters on-the-go. Explore the range.

Free up wall space by choosing radiant ceiling heaters, an economical and easy-to-install solution. Find out more about Low Temperature Ceiling Heaters and High Temperature Ceiling Heaters.

Give a well-rounded experience for customers – starting at the front door! ATC Overdoor Heaters provide comfortable warmth as customer enter your premises, giving them a literal warm welcome. Find out more.

Give your customers the opportunity to enjoy your services outdoors with the ATC outdoor heating range. Providing warmth and comfort, with IP weatherproof ratings. Explore the range.

Product Range

Tiger Eco Pure

Somerset Panel Heater

Microline WiFi Thermostat

Nexum RF

Heating Design Service


Merida RF Panel Radiator

Almeria Eco Panel Heater

Pacific RF Towel Radiator

Heated Towel Radiator

Bavaro Downflow Heater

Underfloor Heating

Defog Heater

Welcome Overdoor Heater

Low Temperature Radiant Heaters

High Temperature Radiant Heaters

Heatstat Room Thermostat

Sun Ray RF

Tiger Eco




Panther Eco

Alfresco Portable




Premium Blade


Pacific Water Heater

Instantaneous Water Heater

Bluetooth Heating Controller

Neptune RF

RF Gateway

Center Parcs
JD Sports
Tottenham Hotspur
RAF Club
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