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We offer a variety of products to suit educational settings, ensuring a safe and hygienic experience for all.

Hand dryers for schools

Educational facilities are busy places so good hygiene is critical. ATC’s hand dryers play a proven role in promoting a clean and safe environment for students. With their rapid drying capabilities, ATC hand dryers enable students to efficiently dry their hands in just seconds, reducing the time spent in washrooms and minimising health risks in this context.

School heating systems

ATC’s range of radiant ceiling heaters, electric radiators, and water heaters are perfect for keeping staff and students comfortable, so they can focus on the task at hand.

School soap dispensers

ATC’s school soap dispensers make it easy for students and staff to access soap and practice good hygiene. This helps to reduce the spread of colds and flu and reduces the risk of absenteeism.

Explore our range of electrical solutions:

Hygienic and efficient high speed hand dryers, drying hands in just 15 seconds. HEPA filter models available, capturing 99.9% of harmful particles. Explore the range.

Provide comfortable warmth for students and staff with smart connected heating, controllable via the ATC app. Subtle design, easy to install and operate. Explore the range.

Free up wall space with radiant ceiling heaters, offering warmth and comfort at a low-cost. Find out more about Low Temperature Ceiling Heaters and High Temperature Ceiling Heaters.

Ensure warm water supplies in bathrooms with the ATC water heater range, in a variety of sizes to suit specific settings. Explore the range.

Keep students and staff safe with ATC hand sanitisersand soap dispensers. Sanitisers can be wall mounted or displayed on stand.

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