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ATC Hand Dryers: Football Shirt Giveaway!  

ATC is a leading hand dryer supplier, at the forefront of delivering innovative solutions tailored to meet market demands. Known for our dedication to quality, safety, and design, we have consistently provided top-tier commercial hand dryers, backed up with exceptional customer service. But now we want to add some fun for our customers!  

This year, as part of our ongoing commitment to our customers and in celebration of Euro 2024, we are thrilled to announce an exclusive summer promotion that combines our state-of-the-art electric hand dryers with a passion for football! 


Summer Promotion 2024: Score with Every Purchase 

In anticipation of the excitement surrounding Euro 2024, ATC is offering a special promotion that football fans and environmental advocates alike will find irresistible.  

From 1st May to 30th June 2024, customers who place orders worth a minimum of £1,500 on any combination of hand dryers or outdoor heaters will receive a complimentary football shirt of their choice.  

This offer is valid for orders marked ‘Euro 2024’, delivered and invoiced within the promotional period, adhering to additional terms and conditions.  

Get in touch with or your local sales representative for further information. 


Hand Dryers Featured in Our Promotion 

Tiger ECO High Speed Hand Dryer: Ideal for medium to high traffic areas, this model features a sleek design, optional HEPA filter, and an LED countdown indicator. It’s an excellent choice for businesses looking to enhance their hygiene standards while keeping operational costs low. As one of our most energy-efficient hand dryers, the Tiger ECO also contributes to a quieter and more environmentally friendly drying experience. 

Cub High Speed Hand Dryer: With its unique and compact design, the Cub is perfect for low-traffic areas, offering fast drying times and low running costs in a stylish package available in multiple finishes. It’s among our range of quiet hand dryers, ensuring minimal disturbance in serene settings. 

Puma High Speed Hand Dryer: This model combines sleek, compact design with practical features such as anti-bacterial UV sterilisation, making it ideal for single-use washrooms in low-traffic settings. As a commercial hand dryer, it’s built to withstand the rigours of frequent use while maintaining high levels of hygiene. 

Cheetah High Speed Hand Dryer: Built for durability and efficiency, the Cheetah is well-suited for medium-level traffic locations like service stations and convenience stores, offering both performance and style. It ranks highly among electric hand dryers known for their robustness and long-lasting performance. 

Premium Blade High Speed Hand Dryer: The Premium Blade sets the standard with features like anti-bacterial UV sterilisation and optional HEPA filters, designed for high-traffic environments where hygiene and efficiency are paramount. This is the ultimate experience in terms of high-speed hand dryers, providing exceptional drying times and energy efficiency. 


Enhanced Customer Experience 

To support our retailers and ensure that customers can experience the quality of our products first-hand, ATC provides complementary merchandising options, including hand dryer working displays, foamboards, and point of sale stands. These tools are designed to help our partners showcase the benefits of our high-speed hand dryers effectively. 

At ATC, we believe in creating products that not only serve practical purposes but also contribute positively to the environment. Our summer promotion is a reflection of our commitment to rewarding our customers while promoting sustainable practices. We invite you to take advantage of this fantastic offer, enhance your facilities with our top-of-the-line hand dryers, and enjoy the spirit of Euro 2024 with your new football jersey. Join us in leading the change towards a more sustainable future, one hand dryer at a time. It’s all about teamwork!  


ATC – Energy Through People 

Like all long-standing businesses, ATC has evolved significantly over the past three decades, transforming from a product-centric to a solution-oriented company. Our in-house technical team is driven by a blend of experience, knowledge, and passion, ensuring that every product, especially our high-speed hand dryers, exceeds the expectations of our clientele. This ethos is reflected in our robust lineup of energy-efficient hand dryers.  

And if you’re in the market for our products, now’s the time to strike! 



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