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Visit the ATC Academy and Showroom

We throw the doors of the ATC Academy and the ATC Showroom open to those who wish to learn more about our fantastic range of products! From hand dryers to electric radiators, to outdoor heaters ATC is here to equip you with all the knowledge you need!

Why Visit ATC?

Visiting ATC offers numerous advantages, ensuring you leave with a richer knowledge and understanding of our energy-efficient products. This experience is designed to deepen your grasp of how ATC’s solutions can meet the evolving needs of the market, focusing on the efficiency, sustainability, and innovation at the heart of our range.

One of the key benefits of your visit is the opportunity to establish direct support and foster a relationship with the ATC Technical Team. This access allows for real-time discussions, tailored advice, and insights into the products, enabling you to leverage ATC’s expertise for your business’s advantage.

Furthermore, we enhance the knowledge of your team through our Lunch & Learn sessions. These sessions are an excellent way to combine learning with leisure, providing an informal setting where your team can absorb information on our latest technologies and applications, all while enjoying a bite to eat.

Lastly, our showroom offers a hands-on experience with working product samples. This aspect of the visit allows you and your team to interact with our products directly, understanding their functionality, quality, and benefits firsthand. This practical exposure is invaluable, equipping you with the confidence to recommend and sell ATC products effectively.

Read ahead to learn more about how this benefits you!

Let us Introduce You to the ATC Academy

The ATC Academy is a dedicated platform designed to enhance understanding and expertise in ATC’s range of energy-efficient heaters and hand dryers, focusing on core product training. It serves as a vital resource for professionals like Electrical Wholesaler Sales Personnel, Architects, Electrical Contractors, and Consulting Engineers, aiming to deepen their knowledge of ATC products.

The Academy is particularly beneficial for those in the electrical and architectural fields, offering tailored training that meets their specific needs. Additionally, it encourages a collaborative learning approach by welcoming Electrical Contractors alongside their Electrical Wholesalers. This method has proven to significantly improve the training experience, fostering better understanding and teamwork between these professionals. In summary, the ATC Academy plays a crucial role in educating industry professionals, thereby improving service quality and product knowledge in the sector.

See Yourself in the ATC Showroom

The ATC Energy Showroom is a key feature of ATC’s HQ, offering a close-up view of our electric heating and hand dryer collection. This selection highlights ATC’s commitment to energy efficiency and sustainability. The ATC Smart RF Rrange, in particular, is designed to empower users with full control over their energy usage, ensuring costs are kept minimal without compromising on comfort.

These smart radiators—, Sun Ray RF, Merida RF, , Neptune RF and Pacific RF—represent the cutting edge in heating technology. Designed with modern lifestyles in mind, they offer unparalleled efficiency, control, and design. Knowledge of these modern solutions not only enhances your expertise but also ensures you can offer the latest in comfort and sustainability for both clients and project specification. . Staying updated with such innovations is key to maintaining a competitive edge and delivering top-tier solutions in today’s market.

What Should You Expect at ATC?

Visitors to the showroom can expect a comprehensive experience. Product experts are on hand to guide you through the space, providing live demonstrations of the products in action. These demonstrations are not just about showcasing the products but also about explaining the technology behind them in a straightforward manner. The aim is for visitors to leave with a thorough understanding of how ATC’s products work and the benefits they offer in terms of energy efficiency and sustainability. This hands-on approach ensures that every visitor gains in-depth knowledge about the ATC product range, enabling informed decisions.

Setting You Up for Success

Our Marketing Expert will guide you through a variety of merchandising options that will transform your showroom into a more engaging and customer-friendly space.

The service includes setting up engaging Point of Sale (POS) stands that attract and retain customer attention, alongside working product displays that allow customers to experience our products first-hand. In-store signage will be strategically positioned to inform customers about the products and promotions. Furthermore, we provide communications support to ensure your messaging is clear and effective, enhancing your overall marketing efforts.

Additionally, we offer to organise In-Store Trade Mornings, events that can significantly boost customer engagement and sales opportunities. These events are an excellent way to showcase new products, offer special promotions, and directly engage with your customers.

Understanding the demands of retail, our visits are flexible and can be tailored to fit within your specific timeframe or schedule. This personalised approach ensures that the enhancements to your showroom are implemented smoothly and effectively, with minimal disruption to your business operations.

What Will Your Day Look Like?

Our aim is to offer a structured yet flexible experience, accommodating the unique needs and schedules of our visitors.

A visit begins with a warm welcome and introduction, setting the tone for a day of learning and discovery. Following this, we dive into a product overview and training session. This segment is designed to equip you with comprehensive knowledge about our range of energy-efficient heaters and hand dryers, alongside insights into their design, functionality, and benefits.

Product Training

Next, we invite our guests to an interactive showroom tour. This hands-on experience allows you to see our products in action, understand their application in real-world scenarios, and appreciate their energy efficiency and sustainability features.

To support your business and marketing efforts, we also provide marketing information and support. This includes guidance on how to effectively communicate the benefits of our products to your customers, as well as how to utilise marketing tools and materials to enhance your sales strategy.

To round off the visit, we often include evening entertainment, offering a chance to relax and network with peers in a more informal setting. This aspect of the visit, like all others, can be tailored to fit within your specific timeframe or schedule, ensuring that your experience with us is both informative and enjoyable.

What Do You Take Away From Your Visit?

Each training session at the Academy is designed with customization in mind, to directly address the requirements and interests of you and your customers. Our curriculum covers a wide range of topics relevant to today’s market and technological advancements in heating and drying solutions.

Participants will delve into the advantages and market opportunities presented by energy-efficient hand dryers, contrasting electric panel heaters with electric thermal radiators to highlight their respective benefits. The training also explores smart electric heating technology, presenting it as a cutting-edge solution that offers significant opportunities for energy management and efficiency.

Further sessions focus on the eco-friendly aspects of digital electric heating, the enhanced control provided by connected thermostats, and an introduction to the principles and advantages of radiant heating. The comparison between electric and gas outdoor heaters addresses cost savings and environmental benefits, while the discussion on unvented water heaters highlights their efficiency and convenience.

Moreover, the Academy offers insights into bespoke heating design services, illustrating how custom solutions can be developed to meet specific heating needs. This comprehensive approach ensures that attendees leave with a deep understanding of the latest products and technologies, equipped to offer informed recommendations and solutions to their clients

How to Get in Touch

In conclusion, a visit to the ATC Academy and Energy Showroom offers a unique opportunity to deepen your understanding of energy-efficient solutions, forge direct relationships with our Technical Team, and enhance your team’s knowledge through engaging Lunch & Learn sessions. With the added advantage of viewing and using working product samples, you’re equipped to make informed decisions that benefit both your business and your customers. Embrace this chance to transform your approach to energy efficiency and set a new standard in your professional offerings.

You can find all of our info on our Contact page, and you can reach out to us via email or call 0203 564 9164 to book your visit.



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