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The ATC Eco Tap – The No Touch Solution

The ATC EcoTap range is an innovative solution for the bathroom. It’s main focus is to provide a simple, safe, non-touch environment for washing hands. The EcoTap utilises three separate outlets. Soap, water and drying for a complete hand washing experience.

The soap outlet can dispense an array of anti-bacterial liquids and foam’s. The water outlet controls clean, warm water for washing, while the dryer tap provides powerful, high speed hand drying.

Made from High quality 304 stainless steel, the EcoTap range incorporates intelligent energy saving with temperature control technology to give a quiet operation with high efficiency. It’s contemporary design is available in a wall or sink-mounted version in a range of alternative colours with a PVD finish. It’s easy to operate design is made possible due to it’s concealed mechanisms which are easy to access and maintain.

The EcoTap’s non-touch operation offers the most hygienic hand washing experience possible. A key requirement in an ever changing world.

Find out more here on our website at [LINK]– or get in contact with our Sales Team, your Area Sales Manager or your local ATC stockist if you’d like further details.

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