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Monitor and Control your Electricity Consumption

With the Energy Crisis imminent, an expensive winter is looming. Take control of your energy costs by monitoring your electricity consumption.

The ATC Power Monitor is an exclusive product that can be installed with the Smart RF heating range.
This allows you to gain insight into your total electricity consumption in your home, office, hotel or commercial premises.


ATC Power Monitor

How Does it Work?

The Power Monitor is simply installed at the distribution board and measures the electric current, which is then tracked on the Smart RF App.

The Smart RF App is used to control Smart RF products, and provides an hourly reading of your electricity consumption when used in conjunction with the Power Monitor.

The Power Monitor can be fitted on new Smart RF installations, but can also be fitted for existing RF products that do not have the monitor already installed.

Though simple to fit, the Power Monitor requires a registered electrician to install.

Monitor your Electricity Consumption using the Smart RF App

Gain Total Control of your Electric Heating Usage

Paired with the ATC Smart RF heating range, you can get down-to-the-hour information on your heating energy usage. This means that you can hone your overall electricity consumption and reduce your energy bills this winter.

Reducing your heating temperature by just 1 degree can result in a 10% reduction in your heating costs.

Simply open the Smart RF App on your mobile, tablet, or desktop to monitor your electricity usage on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis.


Find out more about the ATC Smart RF Range.


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