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Landlord Mode Heaters – Smart Heating Control Technology

The latest in smart heating control technology , Landlord Mode, ensures the owner / landlord controls when the heating is on – only when needed. 

It’s a desperate waste when heaters are left on all day and night, even when nobody is home! It’s bad for the environment but also if you happen to be an unfortunate landlord paying for this waste – then it’s bad for your finances too. Worse still if you don’t have the right heating system in place, this could be an ongoing drain into the future.  

If this is an issue that you are facing – then you’ll definitely be very interested in this line of products.  

Remote Control Heating 

The good news is that you can install a quick and easy solution that will allow you to remotely control the temperature of your properties through our app. Not only will this help you manage the spend on heating, it’s also beneficial for tenants; if there’s a particularly cold snap for example, you can easily increase the temperature in your properties to make them more comfortable and welcoming for renters. So, you can take care of your finances, your tenants and the environment in a more efficient way!  

Remote Temperature Control 

It’s also a very convenient way to manage property temperatures as there’s no need to visit the property – once the heater is installed and you’ve downloaded the app., which is  super-user-friendly, you can manage these heaters from the comfort of your own home. Of course, it makes sense to implement the same solution for your own place while you are at it! This is especially true if you run a busy household where a number of people may put the heat on and soon be running out the door! Or alternatively if there’s no-one at home, it’s great to be able to get the place heated before you arrive back.  

The level of control offered by these heaters will give you peace-of-mind, at home and in any rental properties you own. And with sustainability on top of everyone’s mind these days, this is a simple  step you can take to practice responsible environmental stewardship.  Open window technology is also incorporated into these heaters which basically means if there is an open window, this is detected and the energy used is adjusted appropriately.  

Almeria ECO Digital Panel Heater 

ATC offer two options that fit the bill in this context – the Almeria ECO and Smart RF family of heaters, both of which offer the remarkable Landlord Mode functionality. These heaters are perfectly suited for various applications, including property rentals, holiday homes, B&Bs, hotels, guesthouses, and office spaces. 

Remote Heating Control 

Under Landlord Mode, the sole option available to guests or tenants is to boost the heater to a predefined temperature range and duration of time. For added flexibility, Smart RF products grant landlords full remote access to heating control. This means you are no longer tethered to the property to adjust temperature settings; instead, you can make changes conveniently through the app at any time. 

To top it all off, when the heating is not actively engaged, a minimum temperature is maintained, ensuring energy conservation and compliance with relevant regulations for landlords. 

Smart Heaters UK 

The Almeria ECO and Smart RF Family of heaters are available in a range of sizes from 350W to 2000W. But the features don’t end there – these heaters are equipped with an array of energy-efficient benefits: 

Open Window Technology

As mentioned earlier, this intelligent feature conserves energy by deactivating the heater. It does this  when the room temperature drops by 4°C due to an open window. 

Adaptive Start

This function empowers users to establish a customised heating schedule, effectively eliminating wasted heat and optimising energy use. 

PID Intelligent Control Technology

This sophisticated technology ensures precise temperature control, with accuracy down to 0.2°C. By doing so, it reduces operational costs for property owners and landlords. 

Hassle-Free Installation

ATC’s electric heaters can be effortlessly installed in place of existing heating sources on-site, ensuring a seamless transition to this innovative technology. 

Exceptional Customer Service 

ATC takes pride in providing exceptional customer service. With sales representatives stationed across the United Kingdom, our team is dedicated to assisting you and striving to deliver the best possible service. 

Contact Us for a Site Survey 

Ready to take control of your heating bills? If so, learning more about the options ATC offers in terms of smart heating control and Landlord Mode is a great start! 

Contact us today to schedule a site survey and explore the huge efficiencies and cost saving benefits of this revolutionary technology. | 0203 564 9164 

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