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How Electrical Wholesalers Can Combat Climate Change

The final instalment of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report was released on 20th March.

This report focuses on climate change, with this latest instalment highlighting humans’ contribution to global warming, the visible impact of our actions on the planet, and further consequences should we choose not to change our practices.

The report also offers advice on how to combat the risks posed to the planet, and how we can turn things around for the better.


The IPCC’s 10 Key Solutions Needed to Combat Climate Change



How Electrical Wholesalers Can Help

Two of the ten solutions above can be proactively practiced by Electrical Wholesalers:

 #1 Invest in Clean Energy & Efficiency

Fossil fuels are a popular heating source, but are extremely harmful for the environment, having been identified as a direct link to climate change.

Switching from fossil fuels (coal, gas, oil) to electric heating is a crucial way we can beat climate change.

When discussing upcoming projects with electrical contractors, recommending electric heating in place of fossil fuels is a huge selling point.

Electric heating offers much in the way of cost savings, as well as energy savings, making it the ideal choice for electrical contractors and specifiers.

This comes as governments are allocating huge chunks of their budget to providing grants and subsidies for businesses and the public to adopt wind or solar power energy sources.

As more homes and businesses adopt electric heating, it is hoped that the source of electricity will also change in time to a clean, renewable source.


#2 Retrofit and Decarbonise Buildings

By recommending electric heating products for all projects, Electrical Wholesalers also become directly involved in the retrofit and decarbonisation of buildings.

Not all projects are new builds; when speaking with customers you can find out whether their project is a retrofit job, and be confident in the long-term environmental benefits that electric heating can provide in retrofits and renovations.

By upgrading existing properties and premises and upgrading the heating source to energy-saving electric heating, you are having a direct impact on the reduction of greenhouse gases.

Other Ways You Can Help

Electrical Wholesalers can help mitigate the impact of climate change in-branch, as well as in the projects you quote for.

Have you considered doing a heating evaluation?

Take a look at your monthly / annual energy costs of your current heating system.

Consider other types of heating that would be more cost effective, such as:

  • Ceiling heaters
    • Instant heat, with low energy costs. Draught and noise free. Allows flexible use of floor and wall space.
  • Digital Electric Heaters
    • Offering immediate heat at a low purchase cost. Lightweight and sleek in design.
  • Smart Electric Radiators
    • Schedule and control the heating wherever you are via the ATC App, and avoid wasting energy.


Find out more about the range of electric heating products you can choose from here.


Coming together to protect our planet is essential.

Talk to our sales team to find out more about our energy efficient products.

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