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Hand Dryers – What’s Best And Why?

Electric hand dryers can often be overlooked or considered unimportant. By choosing the right one can help you reduce your carbon footprint first and foremost. Are you looking to save money on energy bills and provide your customers and staff with a better experience? An ATC selection may be a perfect fit for you. If you’re one for peace and quiet and want to minimise disruption, our hand dryers are an ideal solution.

An outdated, bulky and inefficient hand dryer can spoil the effect of a contemporary bathroom, so investing in a new one is a great way to improve your business’s appearance too.

We know that there are many factors to take into consideration when it comes to choosing the perfect hand dryers for your space, whether it be a demanding restaurant washroom or an office washroom that would benefit from a high performing dryer rather than overuse of paper towels.

The refurbishments of commercial buildings continue to be extremely popular, and as these are in development, it raises the question of energy efficient equipment and important details that shouldn’t be missed. Although we don’t give much thought to washrooms and they seem a small part of a big project, it’s imperative you get the right fit and ensure its sustainable and meets the requirements and demands of users.

Food for thought: Hand Dryers vs Paper Towels:

Hand dryers are a 1-time purchase. Once installed they require less attention than a paper towel dispenser. Paper vs energy consumption is a no brainer, you will save money using a hand dryer over time, compared to paper towels. See our Tiger Eco brochure for examples on this. There is obvious investment when purchasing a hand dryer, but you are safe knowing that you won’t have to deploy someone to clean up, and empty paper towel bins any more.

ATC are able to assist you in selecting the ideal hand dryer for your application. The link below provides detail on our extensive selection for you and your requirements.


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