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Electric Patio Heaters – Do They Use a Lot of Electricity?

Keeping electricity costs low is a prime concern, and many of us find ourselves evaluating the electricity usage of the heating systems we have in place.

This doesn’t stop in the summer!

Patio heaters are a popular choice from late spring through to early autumn, to make the most of the longer evenings.

But do electric patio heaters use a lot of electricity, and are they worth it?


Gas or Electric Patio Heater?

Gas patio heaters are extremely popular, yet they are not the most economical choice based on the cost of replacing gas canisters.

Due to the fluctuation of electricity costs, it can be tricky to determine exactly how much an electric patio heater will cost to run.

However, if you are keen to keep electricity usage costs and carbon dioxide emissions down, it’s clear that Electric Patio Heaters are the best choice over gas heaters.

At ATC we have analysed the cost of using gas versus electric outdoor heaters over an annual period, and the savings per week are immense!

How Much Does a Patio Heater Cost to Run?


Compared to gas patio heaters, electric outdoor heaters cost less to run, offering you major weekly savings. In fact, you can save up to £162 per Week!

We’ve calculated the savings each of our electric outdoor heating models can provide:

The Alfresco

Alfresco 1.8kW L Electric Patio Heater

Save £162 per week* with this 1.8kW electric outdoor heater


The Riviera

The Riviera

Save £160 per week* with the 2kW model


The Sienna

The Sienna

Save £157 per week* with the 2.2kW model


What will you do with your savings?

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*Calculations are made based on heaters operating at 7 days @ 6 hours per day, 42 weeks per year. Figures are correct as of November 2022. Calculations made based on 1.8kW Alfresco / 2kW Riviera / 4kW Sienna heaters at energy cost of £0.33 / kW. Gas heaters burning 1.1kg gas / hour, with price of 13kg bottle @ £52.50.

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