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ATC Are Ready For The UK To Leave Europe Tonight

Britain’s decision to leave the European Union has finally come to pass and this evening the United Kingdom will leave Europe. We at ATC are committed to developing and growing our business in the UK in the coming years with ongoing investment in our people and products.

We recently appointed Richard Scott as our new Head of UK Sales to implement our strategy and plan for ATC in the market. We are looking forward to continue to create and sustain positive long-term relationships with our customers by helpful, effective response to their ongoing requirements and by providing the most up to date and innovative products and support in a constantly changing environment and market.

ATC – Planning and Preparedness

Continuity of Stock: ATC has worked with its supply chain partners in the past six months to ensure products are readily available. With warehouses in both the UK and Ireland, we have tried to ensure there will be no disruption to stock levels, with next day delivery available to all customers.

Investment in new Products: ATC is constantly improving its range of products with a dedicated Product Development Team. All ATC products are ethically sourced and manufactured to the highest quality. We are pleased to announce we will be launching five new energy efficient products during 2020.

Improvement of Logistics: ATC’s Purchasing Team have been researching alternative routes and methods for transport and shipping of our goods. We are confident that we can ensure smooth delivery of products to our warehouses and minimise possible disruptions due to Customs Controls and checks.

With nearly 30 years’ experience, ATC has always welcomed change and identifying opportunities for growth. While there will be challenges in the coming months with the UK leaving Europe, ATC is committed to working with Government Bodies, our Supply Chain Partners and our Customers to minimise any risk or negative effects it may have.

Thank you for your continued support.

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