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Are you careful with your hand hygiene?

May 5th is International Hand Hygiene day, as designated by the World Health Organisation.

This year WHO have decided on the theme of ‘SAVE LIVES, clean your hands’. As we remain challenged by the pandemic that is COVID-19 people are taking more care with their basic hygiene and in particular their hand hygiene.

It’s always been of importance but never more so than now and it needs to remain an important topic that we all need to take it more seriously now and into the future.

When it comes to hand washing, especially in public places there is one thing that has been of concern in recent years, the use of paper towels as we strive to become more environmentally friendly. We still need to bear in mind that even though world is facing challenging times the ongoing pollution problem continues and that every single individual can help by reducing their waste.

If hands are properly washed with warm water and soap, for at least 20 seconds and dried effectively, using an energy-efficient hand dryer will assist in decreasing our personal waste by reducing the the use of paper towels.  

With all this in mind selecting the correct hand dryer for your location can help reduce your business costs, reduce waste and help people to maintain good hand hygiene. 

ATC offers a wide selection of hand dryers for various venue types and we can provide assistance on selecting the unit that’s most suited to you. Our models range from lightest to heaviest duties and would take into account factors such as daily footfall and the expected usage of the hand dryers.

An even more hygienic option which enhances air quality are models with a HEPA Filter which removes 99.9% of all bacteria such as the recently-launched new Tiger Eco High Speed Hand Dryer which comes with an optional HEPA filter. Our Premium Blade High Speed Hand Dryer is another option which comes with HEPA filter.

For more information on all our hand dryers, you can read more in our section on hand dryers. And if you’ve got any questions our Sales & Technical Support teams are on hand to provide assistance on helping you choose the right option or answer any specific queries you may have.

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