Alan Wray Funeral Directors

Almeria ECO & Lifestyle Heaters

Alan Wray Funeral Directors

Almeria ECO & Lifestyle Heaters

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Alan Wray Funeral Directors

Client Requirements

Alan Wray Funeral Directors are based in Craigavon in Northern Ireland and were in need of an update to their heating.

Their premises had a mixture of storage heaters, non-timer panel heaters and portable heaters all of which were controlled via a central analogue time clock. Their requirements were for greater control and performance for the benefit of both their employees and their customers.

Product Criteria

  • High performance with instant heat
  • Energy-efficient to reduce running costs
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Suitable for various different types of locations within the premises

Product Evaluated & Chosen

Design was conducted with options for Lifestyle and Almeria or a mixture of both.

3 x Lifestyle Electric Thermal Radiator – selected for main office and entrance hall

9 x Almeria ECO Digital Panel Heaters – other locations in the building


Almeria Eco 

Lifestyle Heater

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