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Underfloor Heating

An Addition Or Alternative To Traditional Heating

Outdoor Heating

Options For Every Location ~ Choose From Alfresco, Alfresco Portable, Riviera Quartz, Sienna Quartz

Sunray RF Electric Thermal Radiator

Advanced Technology (Wireless or App) ~ The Cost Effective Solution ~ Low Surface Temperature Option

Varena Electric Thermal Radiator

Easily Installed ~ Aesthetically Pleasing ~ Cost Effective

ATC Cub High Speed Hand Dryer

Ideal for Low Usage Washrooms ~ 3 Finishes ~ Low Energy Performance

Almeria Eco Digital Panel Heater

Easy To Program And Install ~ Lot 20 Compliant ~ 5 Models Available

The Latest News From ATC

30 Years Of ATC – A Historical Timeline

30 Years Of ATC – A Historical Timeline

We’ve shared the ATC story with you recently, in this post we’re sharing with you the 30 year history with the various highlights along the way. You can view our journey by clicking the link below, we think you’ll enjoy reminiscing with us....

ATC’s Brexit Preparations

ATC’s Brexit Preparations

There was a lot of uncertainty over the last few months in relation to Brexit. Would there be a deal with Europe or not? Thankfully there is a deal however it will still take a good few months for a smooth transition to happen. Although there are no tariffs there is a...

ATC Celebrates 30 Years In Business

ATC Celebrates 30 Years In Business

Founded in 1991, ATC has grown from its first modest location at Adelaide Road in central Dublin to become a market-leading company in its field. Mary Curley, Liam Prendergast and Brian Walsh joined founding managing director Ciaran O’Reilly, to form the management...

Some Of Our Client Projects

Danum House

atc Sun Ray WIFI Radiators

Lloyds Pharmacy

atc Lifestyle Thermal Electric Radiators

Eastham Library

atc Cheetah High Speed Hand Dryers

Time To Throw In The Towel?

Time To Throw In The Towel?

In our new normal the focus is quite righly on hygiene, at the same time we’ve all got to be mindful of costs too.

Find out why switching from Paper Towels to Energy Efficient Hand Dryers may well be the best investment for your business whilst at the same time being the environmentally-friendly option too.

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